Chopping Block: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

As a former ink-stained wretch (i.e. newspaper reporter), I wince every time another newspaper bites the dust.

I’ve been wincing a lot in the last few years.

But it’s mostly been smaller, regional newspapers thudding into the open grave. This time it’s a large metropolitan newspaper with a national reputation: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Hearst Newspapers has put the once mighty P-I up for sale. In reality, this is just slight of hand. Hearst would probably have shut the P-I down if not for an agreement the paper has with cross-town rival the Seattle News.

Likely the paper will die in 60 days.

So what’s left to do – except, of course, blog about it. Ironic, that the staff of P-I will chronicle the last days of the paper on the Web, the unruly, disruptive thug that beat it to death in the first place.

Noted Time Magazine:

“The paper was doomed by the triple-threat that is laying waste to metropolitan dailies everywhere: the massive drop in advertising, particularly home and classified ads, the ready availability of free news online and the limitations of its corporate parent…”

The only question left: Who is next?

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