Robert Scoble Lands at Rackspace

Unemployed blogger Robert Scoble is unemployed no longer. He’s been hired by Rackspace, a web hosting company in Texas, to start a web community for businesses called Building 43. Full disclosure: Rackspace is a former PR client of mine when I was with another company.

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Here’s my prediction: Scoble will be on the market again in less than 18 months. Rackspace provides excellent web hosting, but I don’t see the connection between Scoble’s stream of consciousness blogging and rambling long-form videos and Rackspace’s hyper-competitive, results-driven corporate environment. Even weirder is that Scoble, on the Gillmor Gang on March 14, said “most corporate web sites suck” and that companies need to “listen” instead of using overt marketing.

First, I didn’t know Scoble was a web site designer. Is he now? And, second, he should take a long look at Rackspace’s web site. The first thing that happens when you visit Rackspace’s web site is that a pop-up sales representative tries to sell you something. That doesn’t sound like listening to me.

But I wish both Scoble and Rackpace best of luck in their new relationship.

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