Twitter, Oh My!

Twitter grew a whopping 95 percent in March – from 9.8 million visitors to 19.1 million, reports TechCrunch.

Oprah to Twitter: Yeah, Ive got clout!

Oprah to Twitter: "Yeah, I've got clout!"

And keep in mind that these are visits to the Twitter web site – and doesn’t include people using popular desktop and mobile phone applications like Twirl, TweetDeck, Twitterfon, and Twitterrific.  There are some  estimates that up to 60 percent of Twitter users never visit the actual web site.

The big boost came from Oprah Winfrey joining the service and dedicating an entire show to microblogging.  Oprah has already collected more than 500,000 followers in less than two weeks and is likely responsible for the influx of new users.  The race to one million followers by actor Ashton Kutcher and CNN also brought Twitter a lot of publicity in April.

ReadWriteWeb asks the crucial question: “Now that Twitter has received Oprah’s Midas touch, the real question will be to see how many of these new users will stick around.”  No doubt many of the newbies will abandoned the site after the newness wears off, but here’s betting that many of them will discover the value of the service and begin spreading the word.

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