Boston Globe Shuns Readers

New York Times Co. spokesperson has a message for Globe readers.

New York Times Co. spokesperson has a message for Globe readers.

Today is the “alleged” deadline for the Boston Globe unions to provide $20 million in givebacks to the New York Times Co. – or face the prospect of the newspaper being shuttered.  The Globe reported today that the largest union – the Newspaper Guild – has asked for an extension.  But who knows what to believe anymore.

Now we learn that the New Times Co. apparently flubbed up the accounting for the cuts it demanded from the unions.  Massachusetts Liberal has a scathing post on the topic that’s worth a read.

But the real disappointment has been the New York Times Co. and Boston Globe management’s refusal to talk about the dire situation.  Rather than opening up to readers and being as transparent and honest as possible with their loyal customers – they have decided to take the tact of the Soviet era Kremlin: stonewalling silence.

It’s a real slap in the face to loyal readers who have been clamoring for any tidbit of news on the situation.  Instead they have been forced to learn about developments through leaks in dribbles and drabs.  Management has refused to provide any real insight into what is in store for the Globe.  What is the move forward strategy?  How can we readers help?  What will the future look like?  The Boston Herald and the Boston Phoenix have provided more information than the tight-lipped Globe.

There’s been no effort to communicate with readers.  Perhaps someone should give Globe management a crash course in customer relationship management or point to social media and how it is changing the ways progressive companies communicate with customers.

The real hypocrisy is that the Globe would never stand for another local institution – say the Museum of Science or WBUR – to drop a bomb of “we’re closing in 30 days or else” and then not hound them to death for a comment – or an explanation.  Not only has the Globe treated its readers poorly, but it has demonstrated that it doesn’t practice what it preaches.

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