Beat the Bad Day Blues

Never put sugar in my coffee!

"Never put sugar in my coffee!"

You’re having one of those days.  Traffic has made you late.  The coffee shop gave you the wrong order (sugar!).  Clients are grumpy.  You’re overbooked for too many meetings.

Oh, look, a stain on your favorite shirt.

Co-workers look as if they haven’t slept in decades.  All the air has been sucked out of the office.  When you lift your bleary eyes to survey the office it looks as if has has been transformed in the dull gray pallet of the latest “Terminator” movie.  The clock – ticking in your skull – reminds you that it is still morning.  Still hours away from even a lunch break.

What to do?

I’ve found that one of the most effective motivating strategies is to reflect on past successes.  Too often in the agency game – from PR and advertising to interactive and web design – it’s easy to keep moving forward – always looking to what is next.  There is a lot of power in taking a time-out and looking backwards.  Think back on those times that you knocked one out of the park:

  • Did you build a fantastic new business presentation that wowed a potential client?
  • Did you create a client campaign that literally racked up industry awards?
  • Did you drive a program that resulted in huge returns for the client?
  • Did you secure a big business press article for a client?
  • Did you create a logo or a web page that captures the essence of your client?

Now think about your motivation at the time of these success.  What was your strategy?  What was your inspiration?  What was the idea that sparked the success?  Allow yourself the luxury to soak up all those good feelings that accompany triumph (heck go into your files and look at the actual result.  Touch it.  Smell the paper.  Allow yourself to feel proud).

Now has a little color creeped back into the office?  Do your co-workers appear more cheerful?  Do your clients now have smiles on their faces?

Some days are better than others – so when your having a terrible day – look back on the great days.  It really does help.

So what do you do when you’re having a bad day?  Feel like sharing any secrets?

2 Responses to “Beat the Bad Day Blues”

  1. I call my mom and then hug my Chihuahua ~~ one judges me occasionally but always loves me anyway and the other ALWAYS thinks I am perfect (probably because I feed him); Harry just loves. What the heck could make you think life is bad with that kind of support?????

  2. Good point.

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