Lifestreaming? Really?

Posterous brings the prospect of “lifestreaming” to reality.  Other services like FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook are heading in that direction as well.  The concept is simple:

Instant updates posted on an online platform that aggregates and organizes your content.

It’s an organized system for pictures, videos, “tweets” and longer blog posts.  All them contained in one spot.  Posterous also allows mobile access through email (great timing on my part for this post on email becoming obsolete).  I don’t plan on posting there regularly.  At least not yet.  But I’ll be experimenting with it – to get a feel to see if this could be the next social media trend.

Steve Rubel, blogger and senior vice president at Edelman PR, has decided to make the jump.  I’ll be interested to see what Steve’s experiences are like.

In the meantime, I’d be curious to what people think of Posperous and the idea of lifestreaming.  Right now I think it’s a place for early adopters and tech heads.  I’m not sure the mainstream can handle the idea of constantly feeding photos, comments, insights and video to the web for all to see.  Most people are still getting used to Twitter and microblogging.

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