Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots – Google vs. Microsoft

Google vs. Microsoft

Google vs. Microsoft

Remember that old children’s game where two robots pounded on each other until one of their heads popped off?  Perhaps we can re-release it and re-named one robot Google and the other Microsoft.  It certainly appears as if the two technology heavy weights have thrown off the gloves and are aggressively fighting to capture the other’s core business.  Whack!  Pop!  Bang!  Smack!

Microsoft may be on the verge of stealing some of Google’s search share with Bing.  The search platform – which I’ve found really quite good – has been wracking up great reviews.  And this week Google announced that it was going to release an operating system that will compete with Windows.  The Google OS will based on Chrome – Google’s web browser that was released to compete with Windows Explorer.

Mashable has a post up called “Google vs. Microsoft: A Guide to the Battle.” One of the most striking parts of the post is just how many battle lines already exist – from documents (Word vs. Google Docs) to email (Gmail vs. Hotmail).

So which one is going to knock the head off the other?

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  1. Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

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