I Have the Magic, Silver Bullet for Social Media

It’s in my desk right next to the village of leprechauns that provide me with a bucket of gold at the end of every month.

As you may have guessed: There is no magic, silver bullet for social media.  The magic, silver bullet is as real as the Easter Bunny.

Yo! Dont be dissing my reality, biznatch!

"Yo! Don't be dissing my reality, biznatch!"

Allow me to be the man with the bucket of ice-cold water.  Here is one cold, hard fact about social media that marketers and communicators should memorize:

Social media isn’t going to fix a broken communications or marketing program.

Adding a blog or Twitter to a slide presentation doesn’t make your program social media enabled.  And if you start a blog and load it up with corporate news releases and product demonstrations then don’t expect your customers (or anyone else) to flock there.

Social media shouldn’t be about checking off a communications or marketing box.


Got it!




You know it!

Take that approach and you’ll find crickets chirping and soon have an abandoned sites on your hands that’s emptier than a bottle of cognac at an Edgar Allan Poe convention.

Companies should stop thinking only in terms of how to use social media to drive traffic back to their corporate web site. That mentality means that you’ve probably lost already.

Social media – like communications, marketing and advertising – is about ideas and creativity.  It’s not an add-on.  It is a growing and vibrant part of an overall, strategic communications program.

So stop thinking about magic, silver bullets and start thinking about the best ways to connect with your constituent groups.

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One Response to “I Have the Magic, Silver Bullet for Social Media”

  1. Good point! I like your suggestion.

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