Social Networking Beats Excerising & TV Watching

Man, Id rather be Facebooking right now.

Man, I'd rather be Facebooking right now.

Online social networking is more important to people than exercising, watching TV or participating in sports, according to new a study released this week by Beresford Research.

The only activity more important?  Going out with friends.

So maybe we aren’t completely lost – at least yet.

There are some fascinating informational nuggets to be culled from the Beresford Research report:

  • Social networking ranked only behind email in the most important online activities.  People ranked social network above online chat, web browsing, text messaging, and reading RSS feeds.
  • Fifty-seven percent of the people surveyed agreed or strong agreed with the following statement: “I generally am logged into my social networks all day and check them frequently.”
  • Fifty-one percent of the people surveyed said they check with or read the thoughts and experiences on their social networks when considering a decision in their lives.
  • The three most popular social networking activities were: posting photographs (81 percent), responded to posts and comments by others (72 percent) and updating status or activities (68 percent).
  • 72 percent of people use social networking exclusively for personal use while 28 percent mix business and pleasure.
  • Yet the third most popular activity by segment behind staying in touch with friends and family was staying in touch with business associates.
  • Most people spent an average of 22 hours a week social networking (with Facebook being the most time-sucking of the social networks at a whopping 15.4 hours per week on average).

The Beresford Report, called “Use of Online Social Networks,” also noted that press coverage on social networks had exploded in the last year.

“More recently,” the report said, “the business press has increased its coverage of social networking as companies wrestle with finding the best ways to interact with their customers and employees using these sites.”

has some fascinating nuggets on how much social media has changed the web. Change actually may be feeble a descriptor.  Social technologies have evolved the web – made it into something completely different.

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