The 13 Funniest Twitter Accounts

Yes, of course, this is a subjective list.  But it is a hilarious one as well.

Biggie thumbs up for these tweeters!

"Biggie thumbs up for these tweeters!"

Social media consultants love to discuss the business implications of Twitter.  How you can reach new audiences, engage with loyal customers, enhance customer service, broadcast news and information, and even sell products and services.  But there’s another side to Twitter.

Entertainment.  There are some funny people on there.  So if you are looking for laughs – then these are the folks to follow (and, please, some of these are rated R so no complaints that you weren’t warned).

Here’s my list of the 13 of the funniest accounts on Twitter:

Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson):

Summary: The actor best known for his portrayal of Dwight Schrute on “The Office.”

Just a Taste: “Just taught my son the word ‘scrotum’. He will never un-learn that word.”

Darth Vader (@darthvader):

Summary: The evil overload from “Star Wars.”

Just a Taste: “Aren’t you a little hot to be a stormtrooper?”

Borat (@borat)

Summary: Yes, that Borat.

Just a Taste: “If chicago gets the olympics then 2 new events will be introduced, hip hop dancing and speed car jacking. Sponsored by ACORN.”

Abe Vigoda (fake) (@abevigoda):

Summary: An impersonator of the crusty old actor who used to be on the TV sitcom “Barney Miller.”  All he does is insist that he’s still alive.

Just a Taste: “Unless you hear otherwise I’m alive…”

Edgar Allan Poe (@edgar_allan_poe):

Summary: The famous horror and suspense writer tweeting from the grave.

Just a Taste: “Silly me. I thought the Cluetrain Manifesto was a literary analysis of the inner workings of Sherlock Holmes’s brain.”

John Cleese (@johncleese):

Summary: The comedian best known for being on Monty Python.

Just a Taste: “Just about to appear on Regis and Kelly, in New York… Such is the life of a mega-star…”

David Spade (@davidspade):

Summary: The actor, comedian and alum of “Saturday Night Live.”

Just a Taste: “matt damon gained 40 pounds for the informant. ive gained 10 since i saw it.”

Texts from Last Night (@tfln):

Summary: Parodies of the text messages twentysomethings send to each other.

Just a Taste: “My entire life is one complicated drinking game.”

Matthew Baldwin (@matthewbaldwin):

Summary: Writes the Defective Yeti blog.

Just a Taste: “Thank goodness the balloon boy saga is over. I am just happy that everyone is safe and on TV.”

Shitmydadsays (@shitmydadsays):

Summary: A twentysomething named Justine writes down things his elderly father says.

Just a Taste: “Just pay the parking ticket. Don’t be so outraged. You’re not a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement. You double parked.”

Rob Huebel (@robhuebel):

Summary: The comedian from Human Giant troupe.

Just a Taste: “Sincere apologies for stabbing the couple dressed as Ballon Boy’s parents at Halloween party last night. Thought you were the real deal.”

Dr. Samuel Johnson (@drsamueljohnson):

Summary: Dictionary writer scribbling from the beyond.

Just a Taste: “Grand Prix (n.) an itinerant Travelling-Circus Chariot Race; watch’d by Dullards, paid for by Watchmakers & DISTILLERS”

Fireland (@fireland):

Summary: The Denver writer Joshua Green Allen who pens the blog Fireland.

Just a Taste: “Your lust for power doomed 700 men to a watery grave. Yes, you sank my battleship—but at what cost to your soul? Now go to your room.”

What about you?  Any to funny Twitter accounts to add to the list?

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12 Responses to “The 13 Funniest Twitter Accounts”

  1. I think you need to add newcomer @FakeAPStylebook to this list.

    Summary: Making fun of the AP Style Guide tips

    Just a Taste: “Your” and “you’re” may be used interchangeably if you are an idiot.

  2. Hi Kevin:
    Great add. Thanks! As an idiot with “your” and “you’re,” I can also relate!

  3. I highly recommend adding the (fake) Michael Bay account.

  4. fireland is a friggin’ hidden gold mine of hilarity. glad to see it’s being appreciated elsewhere! great list, btw.

  5. David Spade ain’t funny. Not in real life and not on Twitter.

  6. Each to his own, Ron. But I happen to think that David Spade is a comedic beacon that shines a golden light through the dark wilderness of the unfunny.

  7. thanks for these especially @fireland

  8. check him out @shitatwit

  9. @dead_ted is awesome as well.


    This is a funny one I found that just popped up recently.

  11. How about @common squirrel? It’s a funny one 😛


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