I Am Not a Social Media Guru

Social Media Guru: "Shall I say something mind-boggling?"

But I play one on the internet.

Just kidding.

Guru is a religious term from Hindu.  Here’s the definition: “A spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.”

I’m not one of those.

Yet I’m called a “social media guru” a lot – by friends and family, colleagues introducing me to clients, and clients introducing me to peers.  It’s kind of embarrassing.  I always feel like I need to bow stoically and mutter an insightful truism about the web.

When I was a journalist no one called me a “reporting guru.”  When I made the transition to communications consultant no one called me “PR guru.”  But now that I’m a digital and social media consultant people insist on calling me a “social media guru.”

It’s silly.

I’m a consultant, an adviser.  I help companies and organizations integrate digital and social media into their existing communications and marketing efforts.  I help design standalone digital and social media campaigns as well.  And, yes, I blog and use Twitter and know what Gowalla is.  I understand how communications is evolving and how traditional venues like media and advertising are transforming.

But I’m not a guru and neither are my peers.

The label “guru” make it all seem so mysterious and unattainable.  As if us “social media gurus” have obtained some secret formula or possess a magic wand.  That’s not the case.  Most us have backgrounds in traditional marketing and communications and got on board the social media wave early.  We’ve had a chance to experiment and get experienced at what works – and what doesn’t.

We’ve learned how to apply the new rules for communicating on the web so that we can now help you get to the same place – and reap the benefits.

So if you want to hire a guru – do so for spiritual enlightenment.  But if you want some help and guidance in learning the strategy and tactics around digital and social media?

Then hire an experienced social media consultant.

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3 Responses to “I Am Not a Social Media Guru”

  1. Great post, G.F. If there is one thing I can’t stand it is the pretentiousness of many social media “gurus” who think they walk on water. You’re right that all they are doing is consulting. Keeps things in perspective. Thanks!

  2. Another great post from a truly top notch social media consultant.

    Keep up the good work George.

  3. Eric!
    Great to hear from you! Hope all is well down in NYC!

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