Blogging & Thought Leadership

Or blog like crazy...

Consider this simple equation:

Blogging + Good Content = Thought Leadership

Ask yourself this question. Is it possible today to be a thought leader in any space without a blog?

I’d argue that it’s possible, but much more difficult.  Blogging has become an essential platform to spread new ideas and to capture a leadership position in every category – from healthcare to automobile manufacturing.

Authors use blogging.  Industry analysts blog.  Motivational speakers blog.  CEOs are blogging.  Many journalists now blog (and even more columnists and op-ed writers do).


Because thought leadership is a recipe with two ingredients – idea development (think of this as an individual’s point of view) and then distributing those ideas.  No other platform has the reach, impact and power of blogging for both those ingredients.

Companies interested in thought leadership used to elevate their company executives by focusing on public relations – bylines in industry journals or op-eds in the mainstream press, interviews with leading newspapers and magazines, white papers on various topics, and speaking engagements at conferences and trade shows.  All of these activities were designed to create trust and authority – and spread information and new ideas to a broader audience.

These PR tactics remain crucial to any thought leadership program.  But blogging now rises to the top.  No other tactic packs the power of a well-written blog.

Blogging has the ability to create the online home base for a thought leader.  All of her content – from videos and photographs to slide shows and white papers can be housed at a single location that is accessible to anyone with a web connection – and is searchable by every major search engine (from Google to Yahoo!).  Even better a blogging platform allows for easy sharing – from microblogging sites like Twitter to social networks like Facebook to social bookmarking sites like Digg.

And, of course, blogs are RSS-enabled allowing for people – customers, partners, employees, etc. – to easily subscribed to the content.

Blogging also allows the thought leader to instantly connect and share ideas with the people who matter in her industry.  The more she blogs – the more her content gets to the right audience via keywords, hyperlinks and search.  Blogs are inherently connected.  When you blog about a topic you start to read, influence and be influenced by others blogging in the same category.  These connections become the seeds of thought leadership.

So remember the equation:

Blogging + Good Content = Thought Leadership.

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