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Weber Shandwick's Inline Social Hub.

One of the reasons I rejoined Weber Shandwick back in June was because of its smart way of looking at social media.  Weber Shandwick’s philosophy is a simple, yet powerful one:

There are no more buckets.  There’s no offline strategy or online strategy.  They are connected.

Weber Shandwick calls this Inline.  This quote from New York magazine encapsulates the thinking behind Inline:

“The idea that you’re isolated when you’re online is, to me, just wrong.  It’s an inherently social medium.  What starts online moves offline, and what starts offline goes online.  Online and offline life are inherently connected.  They’re not separate worlds.”

Inline means that we don’t create stand-alone, traditional communications campaigns and then duct tape a few social media tactics to the end.  Inline means delivering integrated strategic plans that will be the most effective in driving advocacy for a brand, cause, issue or product through multiple media and real-world, real-time landscapes.

Weber Shandwick's Inline Approach.

We have been providing this Inline thinking to hundreds of our clients from American Airlines to Susan G. Koman For the Cure.

To help deliver Inline to our clients we have organized an amazing team of social and digital media experts from across the globe.  There’s no better or smarter set of people working in social media today.

We have TV producers and technicians producing award-winning video content and telling powerful stories through visual images.  We have bloggers and writers to help clients create compelling online content.  We have web developers building microsites, designing Facebook pages, and coding iPhone applications.

But most of all we have smart consultants that understand the value of Inline – and how it can benefit businesses and organizations.

You can follow our consultants at Weber Shandwick’s Inline Social Hub.  We have dozens of our consultants sharing their tweets, blog posts, research, and videos at the Hub.  We’re continually – in real-time – adding more consultants to the mix and providing new and compelling content to the site.

Please join us!

(And thanks for letting me indulge in the rare sales pitch.  But I’m excited about what’s happening at Weber Shandwick.)

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