Facebook is Now a Corporate Necessity

The "F" stands for Forget About It.

We are now at the point where every company needs a Facebook page.

The evidence is just too overwhelming at this point.  Facebook should be a crucial part of any marketing or communications program.  Think back to the 1990s when the tipping point for corporate web pages happened.  Now web pages are essential – a no brainer.  That tipping point has arrived for Facebook.  It is now necessary for businesses and organizations to be on Facebook.

And just like corporate web pages are now ubiquitous, so too will be Facebook pages.  One can even argue that Facebook is no longer “social media” – but simply “media.”

Here’s some evidence to bolster my observation:

  • There are now 400 million people using Facebook and the growth continues.  Back in 2000, when corporations and organizations came to the conclusion that web pages were necessary for communications and marketing, Internet users worldwide numbered about 420 million, according to Internet World Stats.  Facebook is on the verge of surpassing that number.  It’s clear that Facebook is a sub-domain of the web – and one where people spend inordinate amounts of time.  According to Facebook, the average user now spends 55 minutes per visit on Facebook.
  • People who are Facebook fans of a brand are more likely to buy products and services from that brand, according to a new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate.  Brands can’t get these dedicated fans if they aren’t on Facebook to begin with.  The study also found that 60 percent of respondents said that being a Facebook fan of a brand increased their willingness to recommend the brand’s product or service to a friend.  The study said that people became brand fans on Facebook for two primary reasons: to get discounts and because they were customers who wanted to show their loyal support.
  • There are three million active pages on Facebook and more than 1.5 million local businesses have active Facebook pages, according to Facebook.  But even more impressive is the fact that more than 20 million people become fans of Facebook pages – each and every day!
  • Facebook recently surpassed Google as the online site with the most web traffic on any given day, according to a recent report from Hitwise, an Internet measurement company.

Facebook is no longer a web site per se.  It has become an online and mobile communications and marketing platform that enables gaming (have you seen how many of your friends are playing Farmville?), storage of videos and photographs, instant communications, and has become the foundation for more than 500,000 applications – from quizzes to polling to commerce.

Facebook Connect (a tool to allow people to use their Facebook identities outside of Facebook) has been implemented by 80,000 web sites and more than 60 million Facebook users engage with Facebook Connect on external web sites each month.

The question is no longer why should companies and organizations be on Facebook, but when are they going to launch their Facebook pages.

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6 Responses to “Facebook is Now a Corporate Necessity”

  1. Really great post George and I couldn’t agree more.

    In support of this post I wanted to add that searches conducted within Facebook are on the rise and if you are not there, people may not find you.

    For those companies or organisations that are looking at building out their Facebook presence I have pulled together a presentation. Hopefully it provides some practical advice on how this could be done.

    You can see it here – http://www.slideshare.net/matthewgain/building-communities-in-facebook

  2. Hi Matthew:
    Thanks for the link to the presentation and the excellent point about the increase of searches within Facebook. You can’t be found if you don’t exist on Facebook.

  3. What about the (legal) issue of losing control over brand collateral on Facebook for companies?

  4. Hi Stuart:
    I’m not a lawyer and I don’t pretend to be one on the Internet. But I believe that most of the legal concerns about brands and Facebook are from a few years back and have pretty much been worked out to the satisfaction of the brands and their lawyers.

  5. Agree 100%. There’s enough for ANY — I repeat: ANY — brand to say on there. For brands willing to spend some $, they can even drive people there, or create experiences in applications.

    As always, Mr. Snell (III) you hit the nail on the head.

  6. Why thank you, Mr. Honigman!

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