Target Pistols Not Cluster Bombs

This method will only blow yourself up.

Repeat after me.

“I will not send a generic, mass-produced email pitches to bloggers.”

In fact, you shouldn’t send a generic, mass-produced emails to anyone.  There’s a name for that type of communications.

It’s called Spam.

And what do most people do with Spam?  They delete it.

The cluster bomb approach no longer works.  Target pistols are the way to go.

A colleague of mine in Chicago recently shared how a a group of SAEs sent out emails for an event to well-connected social media users in the Windy City.  Yes, the invitation had all the pertinent information: where, when and why.  But the most dramatic aspect of the email pitch was the focus on who was getting the invitation.

The invite was custom built and researched for each individual and contained the following information:

  • References to the blogger’s social circle and who they frequently conversed with and retweeted on Twitter.  It also made reference to folks on Twitter that the invitee and the invited shared.
  • The invitation noted if the person was the “mayor” of specific locations from Foursquare.  In other words, they took the time to figure out what types of places the blogger liked to visit.
  • They referred to posts, comments and reactions from the blogger’s blog that were relevant to the event that they were inviting her to.

As my esteemed colleague noted: the email pitches took a lot of extra time, effort and research.  But guess what?  It was worth it because it worked.  The bloggers appreciated the effort and felt that they were being contacted by someone who understand them and their blog.

This is how media and blogger relations is done now.

Target pistols – NOT cluster bombs.

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