5 Sure-Fire Tips for Using Social Media to Procrastinate

Working hard using social media.

Work takes a lot of, well… work.

Even if you love your job – sometimes the work part just keeps piling up.  There are meetings to attend.  There are customers or clients to help.  Emails to answer.  Reports and memos to write.

Decisions need to be made!

Or do they?

Why not use social media to delay any real work?  With social media, you can pretend to be doing work when, in fact, you’re just goofing off or using it to postpone your real work.

Here are 5 ways to use social media to procrastinate (if these tactics fail you can always resort to playing Farmville or Mafia Wars):

1. Engaging with constituent groups on Twitter

Also known as frittering away the day micro-blogging.  Being on Twitter is not unlike being a pet gerbil.  As a gerbil, you’re never quite sure when your human owner is going to refill the water bottle or restock the food tablets.  So why not continually check on them so you don’t miss out?  It’s a faster way to get your snack!

Twitter is much the same way for workers.  You’re never quite sure when someone is going to reply to your missive.  If you close out of your Twitter client how in the world are you going to see the RT in real time?

Besides, there are millions of people on Twitter waiting breathlessly for the link to your blog post or online video.  They also don’t want any delays in hearing about what the traffic or weather is like in your neck of the words.

2. Researching popular culture on YouTube

Research is crucial in business these days.  Discovering the hottest trends and keeping up with breaking news is what sets successful companies apart from failures.

YouTube provides a window into popular culture like no other venue.  Is there a better way of keeping track of trends than watching old MTV videos on YouTube?  Few could dispute that everything old becomes new again.  So the sky is the limit for the ideas that will flow from watching 1980s-era music videos like “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls or “The One Thing” by INXS.

Only the foolish underestimate the value of Aldo Nova in providing business insights.

3. Team building on Facebook

Being a team player is important in today’s corporate environment.  There is no better tool for getting to know your colleagues than scouring their personal photographs on Facebook – a polite and completely legal way of being an online stalker.

Learn what their parents, spouses and children look like.  Watch as they systemically delete photos of that “good-for-nothing” ex-boyfriend.  See them standing in front of popular landmarks and monuments.  See them in bathing suits.  See them drunk at bars and parties.  See them drunk and in a bathing suits.

Nothing builds team better than Facebook.

4. Answering industry-specific questions on LinkedIn

Why answer the questions from co-workers or clients when you can answer questions from complete strangers on LinkedIn?  And at the same time enhance your online resume and your reputation as an expert.

Remember: LinkedIn is a professional site so simply being on the site means you are engaged in professional behavior.

5. Perusing blogs for the latest market news

Or the latest trade rumors, celebrity gossip, restaurant reviews, drink recipes and movie reviews.  As long as you are reading, you are working.

(And, yes, this post is written with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. Take it seriously only at your own risk).


Photo by Bark (via Flickr)

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