Next Generation Content – Sooner Than You Think


Let me gaze into my amazing crystal ball...

I have three daughters age seven and under.  They are already experiencing content in ways I never dreamed possible when I was their age.  Here are several things they will never do as adults:


  • Watch a TV show on a given night at a set time. My daughters will watch TV shows when they want in formats convenient to them.  Most of the time they probably won’t even be watching these programs on a TV.  They will experience them on a mobile device or on a portable tablet computer.  They will pause them.  They will share them.  They will react and interact with them.
  • Have a newspaper delivered to their front steps every morning. In fact, it is likely that there will be no printed newspapers at all by the time they reach middle age (oh, there will be a few custom newspapers for those too stubborn or nostalgic to move to a digital delivery system).  My daughters will get news customized for them from a plethora of sources (media companies, bloggers, friends, family, corporations and organizations).  The news will reflect their locations, their careers, their passions and hobbies.  It will be delivered via the web to mobile devices and include a rich mix of multimedia formats.  They will be able to add information to the content and share it with anyone they please.
  • Buy hardcover books to read (unless it is a gift for their old man who can’t seem to give them up).  What my daughters will end up “reading” would probably not really be considered a book in the traditional sense.  It will be an interactive storytelling experience with a mix of mediums that enhances the experience.  They will be able to drill down into content that interests them and then return to the narrative at their own pace and convenience.  Think about reading a novel about set during the Great War and taking the time first to familiarize yourself with the history of the war through videos, text and photographs before plunging into the story.
  • Wonder where their friends are at any given time. They will know because their friends will have checked in where they are.  And their friends will be able to instantly share the experience through live video, photography, postings, audio, etc… Think about a friend at a rock concert showing the highlights on his web page.  Think about a friend dining out and reviewing the dishes as they are delivered and consumed at the table.  My daughters will be able to opt in and out as they please.
  • Pull into a gas station to ask directions. GPS systems have already made this a rare occurrence.  But with GPS and location-based networks on the rise, no one will ever be lost again.  In fact, my daughters will have the names of every resident, every store and shop (with accompanying reviews and multimedia observations) and every business in any given area at a click.
  • Buy a TV or a radio. Like newspapers, it is only a matter of time before TV and radios vanish and reappear as features on mobile, portal computerized devices.  My daughters will be watching movies and TV shows on their walls – enabled and controlled by their devices.

What about your sons and daughters?  How do you think content consumption will change for them in the next five, 10 or 20 years?


Photo by BB_Matt (via Flickr)

One Response to “Next Generation Content – Sooner Than You Think”

  1. Caveman's Anti-defamation Council of America December 7, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    “tablet what”? what’s wrong with your daughters? such fuddy duddies. everyone watches 3d in the satellite beams coordinated with the precog microchips in our butts.
    (hey, my soma drip’s clogged… I wish i could afford the quality Chinese stuff, instead of this cheap American knockoff)

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