Get out of the Tactics Business

Falling from a tall building is another way to make a "THUD" sound.

CLIENT: We’re going to be at a conference next week and want to drive traffic to our booth using Twitter.  Can you give us a few cool ideas on how to do that?


CLIENT: For our new product launch next week we’d like to get a bunch of bloggers to write about it.  Can you help us with that?


CLIENT: We have this big new campaign rolling out next Monday and we’d like to “socialize” it.  Can you help?

Of course we can help.  As communications consultants, we’re in the help business.  But we can also help you do it better from the get go.

Stop worrying about tactics.  When you have a digital and social strategy in place – the tactics become part of the plan.

Because otherwise here is the stark reality:

  • Using a Twitter account that has been used primarily to push out press release links and has fewer followers than fans at an average high school basketball game is unlikely to be an effective channel for driving traffic to your trade show booth – even if you use the conference hashtag.
  • Conducting aggressive outreach to a group of bloggers that you’ve never interacted with or shown any interested in so that they can write about your new product is fraught with peril and will probably fall flat.
  • Bolting on a bunch of “social media” tactics to the back-end of your campaign has the word “THUD” written all over it.

These types of questions come up a lot from brands that don’t have a social and digital media strategy.  Guess what?  They rarely come up with brands that do.

That’s because brands with a strategy already know how to implement the tactical challenges that come up.  Twitter is already being utilized at trade shows – because Twitter is part of every campaign.  Why?  It’s part of the strategic plan.  These brands already have a thriving blogger relations program – because that too was part of the plan.

And no campaign – no matter how big or small – is ever launched without digital communications at the center.  Why?  Because it is part of the plan.

What’s your plan?


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