Facebook has Evolved into a Personalized Newspaper

"Extra! Extra! Read ALL about YOU!!!"

At a recent meeting with a Facebook representative, he said something that really struck me:

“The News Feed has really developed into the daily newspaper of our lives.”

It’s true.  Think about the way we now peruse Facebook – much like how we used to read newspapers.

We scroll Facebook at various points in the day: morning coffee, at lunch, mid-day and in the evening.  Much like we used to do with newspapers.

We catch up on the daily lives of our friends, scan photographs, engage in conversations and provide quips, and read news articles that our friends have recommended because they found them interesting or important enough to share.

Facebook has become the aggregation of the news we like.  It is where we often find restaurant reviews, movie and book recommendations, where we keep informed about our careers and industries and where we get a lot of our daily news and sports updates.  Recipes are shared.  Songs are exchanged.  Cartoons are read.

How is this different from the way newspapers are laid-out?  They have living and arts, food, business and sports sections.  There are comics and games (except instead of crossword puzzles we now play Farmville).

Facebook is the evolution of the daily, print newspaper, but customize and personalized for each of us and unfolding in real time.  Our friends and family vetting news and information instead of professional editors.

No doubt there are challenges with this model.  Are we getting too much personalization?  Are we missing other stories because of the filters we have in place.  Are our ideas and points of view being reinforced instead of challenged?

Yet I’d argue that whether it is a good thing or a bad thing – this is where news is going.  Social networks – with Facebook at the center – is how we are getting news.

How about you?  How do you read Facebook?  Are you getting more news from it than other sources?  Do you see Facebook as the future of news delivery?

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