Why Google+ is a Boon for Facebook

Google takes a hammer to Facebook. It will take more than that.

Pepsi vs. Coke.

GM vs. Ford.

McDonald’s vs. Burger King.

Monopolies are never good for consumers (think of the calls you’ve made to your cable company that went unanswered – until competition was introduced).

On the other hand, competition fosters innovation and keeps companies sharp.  No company sleeps on its laurels when a competitor is constantly breathing down its neck.

With Google+ generating more than 20 million users in limited release during its first three weeks, there’s now a credible competitor to the behemoth that is Facebook.  This will force Facebook to keep upping its features and functionality as the two companies go head-to-head for your attention span.

Great news for consumers.

Remember that Google was built by improving on already existing technologies.  Despite its reputation for innovation, Google excels on the concept of building better mousetraps.  Google didn’t invent search – far from it – but they did build a better algorithm for it.  They did the same thing with maps, email, documents, browsers and mobile – improving what was already out there.

So it will be interesting to see what they do with Google+ as they face-off against Facebook.

So why, you ask, is this good for Facebook?

Because Google has conceded that Facebook’s approach to the internet – a personalized, intimate social graph gateway – is the immediate way of the web.

Facebook’s vision has won.

The category Facebook created is not only real – but it now includes the world’s largest technology company.  Think about what that type of validation will do for Facebook’s stock price when it finally goes to IPO.  It would be like Burger King abandoning the Whopper and deciding to sell Big Macs.

Google+ isn’t a Facebook killer – it’s an admission that Facebook got it right.  And with more than 700 million users, Facebook has a big head start.

That’s good news for Facebook (and better news for consumers).

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