6 Simple Tips to Make People Share Your Content

Words to live by.

The secret to getting people to share your content is easy: Make it concise and compelling.

And then syndicate the content on various online and social channels to make it easy to find.

But there are specific tips you can use to make people more willing to share your content.  Here are six ways (there are many more so please feel free to share your own):

ONE: Make Sharing as Easy as a Click

Make sure you include share buttons with your content.  For example, one-third of men between age 20-34 want to share articles and website links on Facebook, according to a recent report by eMarketer.

So why not let them?

Share buttons to social networks or via email should be attached to all of your content and should be a standard feature of any website, microsite or blog.

TWO: Ask Questions or Make a Call to Action

Social media postings that end with a question are 15 percent more likely to be shared, according to Michael Jaindl of Buddy Media.

Asking for feedback – be it direct questions or fill-in the blank request (much like Mad Libs) are a great way to get people to actively engage with your content without a lot heavy lifting.

By providing a request for an action your content becomes active rather than passive.

THREE: Use Multimedia Elements

People love to look at photographs.  That’s why there are six billion images archived on Flickr and why people add 3,500 images per minute to the photo-sharing social network. People also love videos.  That’s why YouTube gets 490 million unique visitors every month and generates 92 billion page views.

Are you taking full advantage of love of images – be it still or moving?

By publishing multimedia elements you can draw people to your website or blog where they can find more information and other details about your offerings.

FOUR: Play Games

Two words: Angry Birds.

300 million downloads to smartphones and tablets.  Short, fun and simple games have become runaway hits (TapFish, Farmville, etc.).  By making your content into a game you can get people to interact with your content and share it.

FIVE: Hold Contests and Giveaways

Sixty-one percent of consumers interact with brands on social media channels for discounts, according to a recent report by IBM called “From Social Media to Social CRM.”

Giving away free samples, coupons or holding a sweepstakes are great ways to entice customers to share your content with friends and family.

SIX: Reward Sharing

Thank people publicly for sharing your content.

For example, it’s easy to say thank you to people who retweet your content.  You can also share links to positive blog posts on your Facebook page or give kudos in the comments section.

When you put your customers in the spotlight they will be more willing to share your content.

What are you tips for getting people to share?

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