The Joy of Social Media

Oh, joy!

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the industry.  Communications and marketing pundits have a tendency to dive into the trivial aspects of social media – how we should define influence, how a new feature on Facebook works, a rant about a brand making a social media snafu, etc.

No doubt some of this provides value, but sometimes we forget:

Social media is a blast.

It’s brought a fresh wave of creative energy to PR and marketing.  I like to remind clients that with the technology and platforms available today, companies are limited only by their imaginations.

You can do almost anything online these days.

In the last 12 months alone, I’ve been involved in campaigns and programs that did the following:

  • Launched a new consumer product and giveaway on Facebook that at one point generated 10,000 requests in 38 minutes and by the end of the campaign had put the product into the hands of more than 150,000 lucky consumers.
  • Created a documentary-quality video series that celebrated the human experience.
  • Broadcast a “live” cooking show with a celebrity chef that was simulcast on Facebook and UStream while engaging with fans and viewers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Hosted a “live” Twitter chat with more than a thousand responses.
  • Created from scratch content strategies and digital and social media networks for two major national brands that have opened them up to tens of thousands of new customers.

With the explosion of mobile and online applications, the advances in online photography and photo sharing, the growing power of location-based social networking and the increasing opportunities for social shopping and sampling, the industry will only grow more creative and dynamic in 2012.

Sure beats pitching the media or writing press releases, doesn’t it?


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