Santa Hates You


As I often say: the first certainty in social media is that you’ll make a mistake.  The second certainty – especially if you’re a business or a brand – is that some know-it-all social media expert will call you out on it.

So here’s a bit of Christmas fun for us all.  Happy Holidays!


From The Secrets of Social Media Perfection Blog:

I have the one mission in life: to help people, companies and brands market on social web.  It is my one and only passion and what I wake up every morning longing to do.  This is why I rarely look at my wife or speak to my children, but that’s another blog post.

Because of that underlining desire to help, I want to give some free advice to Santa Claus and whoever his social media agency is.

And for those who don’t think I’ve got the credentials to give this advice – think again.  I run my own social media marketing agency in my basement with actual paying clients (I’ve got the check stubs to prove it).  I’ve helped develop and execute many, many online campaigns.  I get paid quite nicely to speak on the subject at industry events like my son’s Cub Scout meetings.  I can prove that as well.

But today my advice is completely free because I’m not only a guru, but a generous guru.  By now you’ve probably heard about the huge social media snafu made by Santa Claus.

He tweeted out:




Of course when this tweet came across TweetDeck, I immediately called him out with my own tweet.




I was backed up by my posse of social media cohorts: everyone from Trish Braggin and Dave Scott-Free to Social Dude and Content Bitch. They all retweeted my original tweet and it went viral within a few hours – more than 1,000 retweets – backing me up that Santa Claus – or the morons he hires for social media consulting – was engaging in social media hate speech.  I followed up with a YouTube video rant analyzing the situation which has already generated 43,456 views.

Santa, we have a crisis.  A BIG crisis.

Yet, it took Jolly Ole Saint Nick more than 23 hours to reply to me the social media firestorm that he ignited with his own ignorant hate speech.  So social media tip one, Mr. Kris Kringle…

Social media is a conversation.  A real-time conversation.

Santa Claus finally replied on his Facebook page of all places.






Here’s social media tip two, Claus…

Respond to a crisis on the social channel where the crisis started.

Can you believe the arrogance of that response?  “I’m Santa Claus!”  Where does he get off thinking he’s not subject to the same rules of social media etiquette and decorum as everyone else?  What makes him think he can sit on his butt for more than 23 hours and not respond to me his customers?

Saint Nick you failed.  You tried to be cute with the “Merry Christmas” bit and blew it.  Whoever your agency is should be fired and you should consider working with someone like me who knows what they are doing.  They should have known better.  They should have served a brand like “Santa Claus” with their A-list talent.

Instead, you have a full-blown crisis thanks to me your arrogance and bad advice from your consultants.  Nice job ruining the holidays for everyone.

Ho, ho, ho, indeed!


This will be my last blog post of 2011.  Thanks to everyone who supports HighTalk, especially my subscribers and readers.  And Season’s Greetings to us all!


2 Responses to “Santa Hates You”

  1. In all fairness to Santa Claus -> the Krampus may have hacked into his twitter account!

    Jolly good tweet war!

    Happy Holidays to All!!!

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