Agencies Can Add a Rocket Boost of Social Know-how

Your rocket to success = agency expertise

What do you think sets apart a gold-medal effort in social media from a mediocre one?

Is it ideas?  Passion?  Knowledge?  Creativity?

Likely those are factors, but most often the difference is more pedestrian: Resources.

Most marketing and communications departments continue to be underfunded and understaffed when it comes to social media programs.  It’s difficult to executive award-winning campaigns when part-time interns are managing your Facebook page and social content is created when your team “has extra time.”

Doing things halfway is never a recipe for success.

Many companies that I work with and speak to are experiencing this same problem.  They don’t have dedicated staff or budget for social media activities.  They are forced to add work to marketers or communicators who already had full-time jobs before being required to manage and create content for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a plethora of other social networks.

Here’s one smart solution: Hire an agency.

Outsourcing social media is a necessity these days.  Brands get the extra firepower for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee and get to tap into a reservoir of experience and smart thinking.  Agencies with social media experience are used to working fast – and have already executed cutting-edge programs and campaigns.

Don’t be fooled into thinking social media must live within a brand.  It doesn’t.  Besides, brands already outsource PR, advertising and dozens of other functions from customer service to legal services.  Another advantage is that by using an agency, brand managers get access to senior consultants that can help develop a strategic framework and then help guide it through the C-suite.

At Weber Shandwick Boston, for example, we have expertise developing and executing social and digital programs for some the largest national brands in the world.  Our experts know how to develop social and digital strategies, build and design everything from iPhone apps to microsites, produce award-winning videos, understand SEO and manage some of the largest online and social communities on the web.

What do you think?  Is your brand struggling to keep up with social media?  Do you need a shot of social media know-how?


Take a Deep Breath and… Organize

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