1 Lesson on Social Media from a Salami Sandwich

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This post is a celebration of the absurd.  And how all of us can S T R E T C H a metaphor until it snaps.

Social media is new – or at least is relatively new – and constantly evolving.  It’s a constant battle to explain, justify, and provide context and insight on how social media works for people and brands.

As a result, social media bloggers and consultants are occasionally guilty of seeing connections with social media in other aspects of business, entertainment, and life that frankly really don’t exist.

Or at least are tenuous connections at best.

My favorites are the articles and blog posts that try to find social media lessons in other areas of our lives (thus the name of this post).  I’ve used this metaphoric devices several times myself.

I give you:

In the latter, I was able to embed a video of the Grateful Dead performing a live version of “Althea.”  I’m not sure how that puts social media into context for businesses, but it is one of my favorite Dead songs, so what the heck…

The post I wrote about U2 and social media contained this amazing detailed observation: “Bono is a master of providing a human face to U2.”

Wow, it’s like I have a PhD in stating the obvious.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I’m not the only social media blogger guilty of finding lessons for social media in the strangest of places.  So without further ado, I give you some of my favorite posts about social media lessons…

  • Social Media Lessons from the “Ground Zero Mosque” by Econsultancy.  My favorite piece of advice from the post: “Tweets that work for entertainment companies are not necessarily the same kinds of messages that should come from a mosque under fire from angry politicians and misinformed citizens.”  This advice is obviously GOLD.
  • 3 Social Media Lessons from “Groundhog Day” by Ragan’s PRDaily.  The post contains the gem: “One of my favorite lines from “Groundhog Day” is a piece of dialogue between Murray’s character and the groundhog—Punxsutawney Phil.  As he’s making his getaway with the critter in tow, Murray tells him, ‘Don’t drive angry.’  It’s also a good lesson for communicators who work in the social space.”  The lesson here?  Big messages can come in furry, little packages.
  • Top 5 Social Media Lessons from Skin Care Magazines by Blazing Minds.  Here’s a nugget worth capturing: “The large icing on the cake to succeed with social media is ‘attractive headlines.’  I learnt this lesson from skin care magazines…”  And no doubt now has smooth, blemish free skin.
  • 3 Great Social Media Lessons from Ancient History by Kikolani.com.  By all means never ever forget: “The Trojan Horse is indeed the biggest and the most insightful lesson for social media.”  Of course, we should note that there’s no historic evidence of the existence of the Trojan Horse.
  • Social Media Lessons from A Local Donut Merchant by Raised Eyebrow.  Be it donuts or back-end ERP systems, truer words were never uttered: “Social tools are helping them grow and manage their business, which produces a great product. Without the great product, no amount of Twitter strategy would be bringing them the overwhelming success they are currently enjoying. Period.”
  • 5 Social Media Lessons from Buddy the Elf by Project Social.  Only an elf or a social media consultant could get away with advice like this: “‘This is the North Pole.’  ‘No it’s not.’  ‘Yes it is.’  ‘No it’s not.’  ‘Yes it is.’  ‘No it isn’t.’  Of course, this exchange goes on for quite a while, and probably if I had been Buddy’s boss at Gimbel’s, I would have wanted to give this guy the boot (even though he didn’t actually work there).  But Buddy has a consistent message and he sticks to it.”
  • Social Media Marketing Lessons from a Broken Pilot G2 Pen by ProBlogService. Who knew moleskins weren’t cool anymore?  “In 2004, I had just entered the world of Moleskine notebooks, way before they became douche-y, and realized I couldn’t use just any old pen in the same notebooks used by Hemingway, Picasso, and Bruce Chatwin.”
  • Social Media Lessons from Water Skiing by That Damned Redhead.  You will need a motorboat, of course.  “Keep your knees bent.  Your knees act as shock absorbers for oncoming waves.  Likewise, you must accept that there will be waves at some point and remain flexible in social media efforts.”

My apologies to any of the bloggers who may be offended by their inclusion here.  Please consider the humorous spirit in which this post was intended!  And please feel free to add your own favorite social media lessons in the comments below.

Oh, and the one lesson on social media from a salami sandwich?

Go with spicy mustard.

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