5 Reasons Why YouTube is Addictive


Quick, sardonic, and dipped in self-referential irony.

These are the big ingredients of YouTube’s appeal to the younger generation.  The video channel owned by Google has emerged as a major challenger to cable TV for young viewers.  Younger people can spend hours surfing through video content – from TV clips and music videos to home-grown comedies and song parodies.

YouTube offers it all in bite-sized pieces.

And a way for viewers to custom build their own channels with content they like.  No more letting others decide what programs you want to watch.

That’s why the numbers for YouTube continue to be staggering:

  • More than 800 million unique visitors every month
  • More than three billion hours of video are watch every month
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute

But perhaps the most amazing statistic is that in 2011 YouTube had more than 1 trillion views – approximately 140 views for every person on Earth.

Take that Facebook.

Clearly, YouTube is addicting – and addicting in different ways.  YouTube has so much content that there’s something for everyone.

Here are my personal 5 reasons why I find YouTube so addictive.  Please feel free to add your own.

1. 1980s MTV videos

I’m a sucker for a throwback Duran Duran video (I’m on the hunt for you…) and who among us can’t benefit for letting a little bit more Aldo Nova into our lives?  YouTube has the ability to be a time machine back to the years when MTV was really all about the music videos.

2. Looney Tunes episodes

What’s up, Doc?  When I was a kid my Saturday mornings were all about cartoons and the King was Bug Bunny and friends.  Now I can share these classic videos with my own children.

Who doesn’t need a bit of this every now and then?

3. Really cool movie clips

There’s lots of dispute about YouTube and copyrights, but one way to get excited about watching, renting or buying a movie to see free clips on YouTube.

Watch this intense clip of “Man on Fire” and tell me you don’t want to see the whole thing.  Warning – it’s graphic.

4. Book trailers

Seriously.  YouTube and social channels now makes it possible for book publishers to find new audiences by showcasing novels with clips.

Here’s a trailer for Lee Child’s “The Affair.”

5. How to…

Want to learn how to unclog a sink?  YouTube has you covered many times over.  Want to learn how to tie a bow tie?  YouTube again has you covered.

In fact, YouTube can teach you to do about anything, including how to kiss someone with passion…

What about you?  Do you have a YouTube favorite that you’d like to share?  What makes you keep watching online videos?

3 Responses to “5 Reasons Why YouTube is Addictive”

  1. Youtube has much much more to offer, like skits from favorite tv shows, pranks, unboxing/reviews, commentaries, pranks, funny/awkward moments, police brutality/false arrests, politics, and more.

  2. Hi Michael:
    Content scarcity is not a problem on YouTube!


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