The Art of Enticing People to Share

You can release the Sharing Rainbow Fairy or better yet optimize your content for sharing.

Call it Sharing Optimization.

This is the ability to entice other people – media, bloggers, employees, partners, customers and the general public – to engage with and then share your content.

There are lots of syndication techniques to get content noticed (see links below)- media partnerships, contests and giveaways and even advertising buys – that are extremely important, but the essence of social media sharing isn’t in the tactical ways to syndicate and spread the content.  It’s much deeper than that.

It’s about the message.

It is about what you are saying and how you are saying.  It goes back to the essence of the brand.  People react to content through their emotions.  If a message creates a connection – an emotional reaction – then it has a better chance of being shared.

If you want the media to embed your infographic into their news articles – does it provide value?  Is it informative?  Does it enhance the overall narrative of the story?  Is it lightly branded and news worthy?  If you want consumers to share your new video – does it entertain?  Does it create an emotional connection that demands to be spread?

Building this Sharing Optimization into your content is crucial.  This emotional connection, of course, can take many forms.  People share for many different reasons, but the four primary ones may be:

  • They find the content valuable.  It helps them solve a problem or provides insights that they hadn’t considered before.  They share it to help others and to bolster their own reputations as experts about a topic.
  • They find the content entertaining.  It makes them laugh or cry.  They share it with friends, family and co-workers because they want them to feel the same way they did – happy, sad or reflective.
  • They find the content outrageous.  It offends or irritates them.  They share because they want to show others that the world isn’t fair or needs to be fixed in some way.
  • They are rewarded for sharing.  There is an incentive to share – a coupon, a complement, a chance to unlock more content.  They share to get the reward and to give their social circle the same opportunity.

Your content should be a mix of these.

So you can try to summon the magic of the Sharing Rainbow Fairy, but better to utilize the power of Sharing Optimization.


Get Them to Share

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One Response to “The Art of Enticing People to Share”

  1. Well I am a musician. And I would be heoirfird if I heard something I created that was very personal and meaningful to me being used as a soundtrack to the kind of imagery found in some directors’ films. Of course they have the right to create whatever their instincts dictate. I just wish they’d consider that these songs are connected to great memories for many people. Perhaps vulgar wasn’t the right term. Distasteful might be closer to what I mean.

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