One Billion

That’s now the number of active Facebook users.

One billion.


For some perspective:

  • The human population of earth is 7 billion people.  That means one in 7 are members of Facebook.
  • There are about 2.2 billion Internet users in the world.  About half of them have Facebook pages.
  • The whale population of the world is approximately 1.2 million.  There are nearly 9X more Facebook users.
  • There are approximately 740,000 elephants left in the world – 700,000 African elephants and 40,000 Asian elephants.  There are more than 10X Facebook users
  • The entire population of Europe is 739,165,030.  There are 261 million more people on Facebook.
  • There are 1,230 billionaires in the world.  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is one of them.  It is unknown how many other billionaires have Facebook pages.
  • There are 196 countries in the world today.  If Facebook was a country it would the third largest behind China and India.  Facebook is more than three times larger in population than the United States.
  • The human population on Earth reach one billion in 1804, basically taking 198,000 years to reach the mark.  It took Facebook eight years to reach one billion users.
  • Last year, the number of cars in the world reached one billion.  The automobile was invented in 1886 and took a 125 years to hit a billion.
  • In the top 10 pet owning countries in the world, there are approximately 173 million pet dogs.  None of these dogs can legally have a Facebook page.
  • Mr. Billion is a 1977 comedy directed by Jonathan Kaplan.  It is about an Italian mechanic who inherits a billion dollars from his uncle and has to reach San Francisco in less than 20 days to sign the documents or miss out on the cash.  Lots of crazy misadventures happen on his journey.  The movie was filmed seven years before Mark Zuckerberg was born.
  • “A galaxy is composed of gas and dust and stars—billions upon billions of stars.”  This is a quote by the last astronomer Carl Sagan that comedians loved to spoof because of the drawn out way Sagan said the word “billions.”
  • One billion pennies would equal 10 million dollars.  Mark Zuckerberg has 940 trillion pennies.
  • It is 483 million miles from Earth to the planet Jupiter.  A round-trip would be 966 million miles – or close to one billion miles.
  • There are approximately 100 million ants for each person on Earth.  If one in seven ants had Facebook pages then Facebook would have 100 billion users.

Saying that the achievement by Facebook to hit one billion is remarkable – is an understatement.


Facebook is NOT a bulletin board

Facebook dares to be uncool



3 Responses to “One Billion”

  1. One Billion users? More like one billion user names, which in internet accounting has always been the hallmark of so called ‘social media sites’ which in reality are meat packing plants for advertisers. See AOL, MY Space, etc.

    By Facebook’s own admission between 8-10% of “users” are fraudulent.
    Out of the rest of these “users” it would be interesting to know how many accounts are brand/company accounts, how many are social media shills for companies, how many are PR fueled fronts for companies.

    Does the ‘billion’ exclude the accounts created by folks who are not official members but are created by cookie tracking on pages that have Facebook badges/Like buttons?

    After subtracting those accounts, counting the individual ‘users’ who actually use Facebook at least monthly in the last 6 months will paint a far different and much smaller figure.

    Facebook is not the warm fuzzy friend in the digital age it likes to portray, but is a virus infecting every site it touches. The whole friend/like thing is more like an advertiser supported pyramid scheme. And with Facebook’s shifting rolling privacy policies,

    It is acting just like the corner dope dealer giving out free samples and having parties(friending) to push itself into every corner of your online experience without permission,(although a case will be made for the standard third party disclaimers, and lots of folks will say that they just want to be liked and be friends, all of which are standard justifications you will hear in every addiction recovery support group in the world).

    One billion addicts, or suckers or fools or whatever number is actually real once the bullshit is cleared away.

    I think the worst part of Facebook is getting folks to shovel their shit thinking that there is a pony in the room’

  2. Hey, I like ponies…:-)

    But I always appreciate your perspective. I don’t think of Facebook as a warm fuzzy. In fact, I spend a lot of time writing about online privacy and the dangers of sharing too much personal information on social media sites.

    I take your point on the accounting.

  3. I am also underwhelmed by the 1 billion milestone. Besides the Mr. or Ms. Flopoke comments, I would add that among my Facebook friends about 20 percent of them post all the time, telling me every detail about their lives whether it is interesting or not, about 40% of them post occasionally, and the rest – at least another 40 percent — never post or use Facebook at all. Most of them have told me they never check Facebook, considering it a huge time waster that added nothing to their busy lives. I wonder if my percentages are normal for most users and companies that use Facebook, and how many of those 1 billion are merely “dead accounts” that are used by Facebook and companies on Facebook to fluff up their numbers. It’s like adding to your population by including the people in cemeteries.

    If they really had one billion people, their financial performance would be better than Google.

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