23 Signs That You’ve Become a Blogger

Here is what happens to you when you become a blogger:

  • You age prematurely
  • Deep-seeded anxiety grows every day you don’t post something new
  • Everything becomes a metaphor for blogging
  • Your breath gets bad – and then the headaches start
  • You learn to repeat yourself in creative ways
  • WordPress and SEO become obsessions
  • You steal ideas like a professional cat burglar
  • Trolls begin to stalk you… in your dreams
  • Traffic has a completely different meaning than commuter congestion
  • Did I mention stealing repurposing?
  • Deadlines become Kind-Of-But-Not-Really-Deadlines
  • You carry excuses around in a burlap sack
  • Repeat when necessary
  • Did you know that quotations can become entire blog posts?
  • When all else fails: repeat yourself
  • Guest bloggers are like angels of mercy from heaven
  • Sometimes you just need to cry
  • You get used to people calling you an idiot
  • Spelling erors are inevitable
  • You take quiet joy when bloggers you follow don’t post for weeks
  • You pray for a social media crisis to exploit
  • Learn to declare stuff dead
  • Make a list with a random number attached to it


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5 Responses to “23 Signs That You’ve Become a Blogger”

  1. This is fantastic. I’m stealing…er…re-purposing it. 🙂

  2. The pleasure is all mine and the pleasure is all mine.

  3. Reblogged this on heythere imbecca and commented:
    Well put. Bahahaha. #perfect

  4. Reblogged this on Drunk On Pop and commented:
    There has literally been nothing to talk about lately, so I’m glad that I can share with you all some blogging humor

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