10 Reasons to be Thankful for Digital & Social Media

The best part of Thanksgiving?

Turkey slathered in cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy.  And football, of course.  Lots of football.

Well, there’s also that part about reflecting on what you’re thankful for.  So to honor the holiday of Thanksgiving the right way here are 10 reasons to be thankful for digital media.

But first I want to wish all of my readers a very happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your support over the last four years.  I very much appreciate it.

Now – 10 reasons to be thankful for social media!

1.)  It beats working with anti-social media.

2.)  It has infused marketing with creative energy.

3.)  It gives a voice to the voiceless.

4.)  Creating interactive and multimedia content is way more fun than writing press releases.

5.)  There’s so much more facial hair.

6.)  SXSW.

7.)  Apps, apps and more apps.

8.)  Blogs make all news so much more interesting – be it politics, entertainment, cooking or sports.

9.)  Can one billion people be wrong?

10.)  Infographics.

And our bonus #11 (drumstick, please).

11.) Social Media Hipsters.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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