12 Rules for Social Content

There are more than 12, of course.  But for the sake of argument here are 12 important components of social content:

1.)  Don’t be boring.  This may be the biggest content crime of them all.

2.)  Tell amazing stories.  And make them multimedia and interactive if you can.

3.)  Quality counts.  People notice sloppiness and let you know about it.

4.)  Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

5.)  Lying will only get you in trouble.  The truth sometimes hurts, but at least it is the truth.

6.)  Syndication matters.  A lot.  Putting content up on social channels is great, but putting it out on all channels is better.

7.)  Be concise.  Or short.

8.)  Listen only works if you hear what is being said.  Not so much a rule as an approach.  Feedback works if you use it.

9.)  Spelling matters.  See rule #3.

10.)  Integration works.  Pull content through multiple channels and good things happen.

11.)  Voice and personality set you apart.  See rule #1.  Don’t be afraid of who you are unless, of course, you’re jerk.

12.)  Always be polite.  Don’t be a troll.  Disagreements are great, being rude isn’t.

Any rules that you’d like to add?


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7 Responses to “12 Rules for Social Content”

  1. Really really simple rules ….. love that this is not over engineered …. Great share!

  2. Thanks for the simple rules. One thing I recommend is to use “citation” and make it known. My experience is that if you do some research and enrich your content with citations/links to relevant influencer bloggers, you increase the visibility of your content and … your own influence.

    Even better, DM the people you have cited. If the article follows the 12 rules, chances are they will retweet.
    Thanks for the share

  3. Rocket Man Digital December 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Here’s one to consider for a baker’s dozen:

    – Don’t be a stranger…post regularly. But, don’t be a pain. If we hear from you more than once or twice a day, you may be a pain.

  4. Hi Dominique:
    Good advice! Thanks.

    Hi Rocket Man Digital:
    I like this one, too. Overposting is almost as bad as rarely posting.

  5. to start, i really like your style and content. that being said, i get that ‘all mistakes (and typos) belong to you’ but was “I’m run the digital and social media practice…” on your about page necessary? after all, rules 9 and 3 are at play here! 😉

  6. Ouch. Thanks for the assist. Do you know how many times I’ve read that damn page? That’s the trouble with being your own editor – you just can’t catch your own mistakes. It’s like the old saw about only fools being their own lawyers…

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