3 Content Creation Resolutions for 2013


First, let me share one overriding resolution we should all have for 2013.

Have more fun.

Social media isn’t international espionage, heart surgery or driving an ambulance.  As the Joker wistfully snarled at Batman in the movie The Dark Knight, “Why so serious?”

Try to remember that social media is exciting.  It’s fast, interesting and really fun.  Mistakes will happen – and guess what? – no one will get hurt.  By keeping cool, you can correct the mistakes in real-time.

You’re working in the most creative time in the history of marketing.  So enjoy it!

All right. If you’re a brand here are three New Year’s resolutions for creating content that won’t smell like a pile of dirty laundry in 2013.

1. Don’t post everyday on your social channels.

Crazy, right?  But the way in which many of the adjusted algorithms work on many social channels, particularly on Facebook, posting content for the sake of “feeding the beast” will penalize your audience penetration.

Post crap and you’ll find fewer people getting it.

That’s being done on purpose.  Facebook needs people visiting their pages because they find great stuff there.  They want people interacting with their News Feeds – clicking on links, sharing with friends, commenting, etc.  So content that doesn’t spark engagement is a no-no.  Post content that doesn’t spark engagement and the algorithm will notice… and serve up your content to fewer people.

2. Only post when you have something special to say.

And “special” should mean that you’re posting content that is unique to your brand.  It is the content that can’t be found elsewhere.  It is the reason why most of your fans followed you in the first place.

Posting bland content like “What is your New Year’s resolution?” or “Who are you rooting for in the NFL play-offs?” isn’t “brand content.”  It’s spam.  It is filler.

And even if fans do respond it does nothing for your brand.  Brand content should be about the brand – its industry, products, services, perspective, news and offers.

And, finally,

3. Make sure the content is creative.

Special content should be delivered in unique packaging.  Make the content sing.  Make it so people want to share it.  Make it beautiful.  Make it funny.  Bring it to them through “live” programming.  Give it to them through an application.  Deliver it to them in a game.  Show it to them in a video.  Bring it to life with an infographic.

Tell stories.

Make the content newsworthy.  Make it so influencers want to use it, share it, comment on it.

And don’t make it a one-off.  Give the content a campaign.

Enhance it through social advertising, media relations and sponsorships.

Follow these three resolutions and your new year should be a happy one!


The Dark Knight

Pitching Social Content

4 Responses to “3 Content Creation Resolutions for 2013”

  1. Hey George (can I call you George?),
    So I have a question about #1. Is wordpress a social channel? Because I’ll tell you, I’ve updated my blog for sake of regularity (most traffic-increasing sites say that a regular post date will help keep people reading) more than I have for a burning desire to say something. Good or bad?

  2. Of course you can call me George, Deb.

    WordPress is, indeed, a social channel – as well as a blogging platform. However, blog content is different than social media content.

    Search engines like new content – and reward it through increased SEO. However, I’d argue that your blog will suffer if you don’t provide readers with good content. Here’s the challenge: If you are just blogging to have a post then likely you’ll begin to lose regular readers while at the same time increasing your SEO on search.

    Good and bad. But I’d argue quality matters more than SEO in blogging. So post when you’ve got something to say rather than posting to just post.

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    Very interesting read

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