5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic


Only you can decide not to publicly share details about your bowel movements.

Yet for many people – yes, Al Roker, we’re referring to you – oversharing has become a disease.

An epidemic really.

So for those of you still unsure of what you should or should not share, here’s a handy list of five areas to avoid.  Feel free to clip it out and hang it with a magnet from your refrigerator door.

No. 1: Risqué photographs (yes, I know using the word “risqué” makes me look old)

Save the bikini shots for your private photo albums instead of uploading them to Facebook.  Do you really want the interns at work downloading them to their hard drives?

Do you really want to be a screensaver for the IT guy?

No. 2: Medical records and details

Of course your friends, family and co-workers want to know that you’re healthy.  But no one – and I mean no one – wants to the see the snapshots of the interior of your colon.

Nor do we need to be provided the details of what exactly exited your body during that nasty bout with the stomach flu.

No. 3: Pillow talk

Yes, I know you love your wife on her birthday or on your wedding anniversary.  But I’m right here.  All of us are.  So keep the whispered sweet nothings, you know, private.  When you gush about the beauty of your loved one on Facebook it brings up images of showers: hot, soapy ones for us to become a clean again and a long cold one for you.

This rule goes double for the so-cute-I’m-gonna-puke nicknames.

Okay, Pickle Lick?

No. 4: Foul opinions about your co-workers, friends and family

Because talking about them when they can read what you’re saying is taking passive aggressive to whole new heights.  Towering heights.

And it does more harm to you than it does to them.

No. 5: Illegal activities

Drunk driving.  Dating minors.  Smoking pot.  Vandalizing graveyards.  Burying the dead bodies.  You know, stuff you can go to jail for.

Don’t post them on social networks because law enforcement will notice.

And, well, so will everyone else.

Feel free to add to the list.  What areas and/or topics do you think everyone should avoid sharing on social channels?


Los Angeles Times story on Al Roker pooping his pants

Facebook Post Leads to Arrest via UPI

9 Responses to “5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic”

  1. Those are all so annoying. I would add people that ask for advice on personal problems and then whine if someone posts something they don’t like.

  2. Hi Alice:
    I see that one a lot…

  3. You are so right about the five points you have listed. How about this one: Posting those pointless pictures such as: “Like if you have a brother”.
    One person I know from work posted and liked it, and now I do not know how to take him seriously anymore. Why would anyone want to waste a click on that!?

  4. Some people do not take “liking” seriously, I suppose.

  5. I’d also like to add two of my own pet peeves, based on what I see on Facebook and Twitter.

    1) Sharing all of your exploits on social games such as Farmville. I’d rather not see a newsfeed full of your so-called ‘gaming’ achievements.

    2) Oversharing about every detail of a pregnancy, up to and including the delivery. While I’m happy for anyone who has such news, I have little to no desire to read about it ten times a day, every day; particularly when you’re in labor. I’d think you would have other priorities on your mind at that point.

  6. one fb friend posted her diamond ring and all gifts she received for xmas (except my gift to her hahaha).

  7. you guys are all so smart and helpd me so much


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