Life of a Blog: Happy Birthday, HighTalk


HighTalk turns four years old this month.


I’ve been a blogger for six years with HighTalk my primary blog.  Why do I do it?

I’m not really sure.  I started because, as a former journalist, I missed writing.  But blogging isn’t the same kind of writing as journalism.  Or fiction writing. Or poetry.  Or even business writing. It’s a medium all on its own.

A demanding one.

And it’s also fleeting.  Posts from four years ago are obsolete and rarely read by anyone.  Their only purpose now to give the current posts more SEO juice.

But it’s also fun to write, publish and get feedback all on your own.  No filters (or editors – although I’d kill for a proofreader to catch all of my spelling, grammar and missing words errors).

Some random observations:

  • I’ve had hundreds of thousands of readers – from Michigan to Madagascar.
  • I’ve had posts go viral.  I’ve had posts that had views in the single digits.
  • I’ve had emails from bosses concerned about my posts.
  • I’ve had PR people pitching me story ideas.
  • I’ve had brands and companies wanting to advertise.
  • I’ve had offers for guest posts.
  • I’ve had posts stolen by other bloggers.
  • I’ve been called arrogant, an idiot, a moron, out-of-touch, and there have been many other creative insults to my intelligence and my genetic make-up.
  • I’ve gotten emails from lawyers.

A blog is a passion and one that interferes with work and life.  It constantly demands attention.  When I’m on a “post roll” and have posts in the queue for weeks ahead – I feel great.  When I’ve gone into a writer’s drought and skipped a week of posting because I’m creatively dry – I feel like a failure.

Lots of ups and downs.

How long HighTalk will last?  I don’t know.  I’m surprised it has been four years already.  Time flies when you’re feeding a blog.

But here we are!

I’d like to thank everyone who has ever visited HighTalk.  I appreciate readers.  I really want to thank everyone who has shared a post or commented on HighTalk. I like interactive readers even more than passive ones.

So happy birthday, HighTalk.  Here’s to at least one more year!

5 Responses to “Life of a Blog: Happy Birthday, HighTalk”

  1. Six years is a long time in blog/dog years. Keep it going.

  2. Happy Birthday, Hightalk! To be able to stay on top of current happenings (PR and otherwise), assess their import on a myriad of levels, and disseminate to the rest of us in an often thought-provoking, sometimes entertaining, but never dull, way is a talent not everyone has. Thanks for producing such great content so consistently. Here’s to many more posts!

  3. Happy birthday! Congratulations – that IS a long time in blog years.

  4. Yay!!!!! Happy birthday dear blog!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

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