5 Reasons Why Vine Will Destroy the World

Some vines are called poison ivy.

Some vines are called poison ivy.

Are you sick of Vine yet?

Expect to be as the social media set opines about its latest love affair – six second videos that can instantly be embedded and shared on social networks (most notably Twitter).

Here are 5 reasons why Vine will ruin everything.

1. If you think your friends were oversharing photographs – welcome to a brand-new hell.  Piles upon piles of 6-second videos of vacation landscapes, small children eating in high chairs (look he’s got tomato sauce smeared on his cheeks!), friends chugging beers and shots and pets doing adorable things (like fetching balls and sleeping).  You might as well order the vomit bags in advance.

2. Expect to be a part of lots of videos – even if you don’t want to be.  People filming everywhere is already happening.  Go to any event.  Go into any restaurant or bar.  Heck, go for a walk.  People are taking photos and videos ALL the time.  Expect that to increase significantly.  Big Brother now lives in everyone’s pocket.

3. Sexting is going to be taken to a whole new level of depravity.  And I bet everyone can’t wait for the video version of “food porn” videos where now we can watch people eating the plate of food they just ordered.

4. Privacy take a major blow as secret Vine videos will soon proliferate the web.  Expect the first wave to crash over rude celebrities ignoring autograph seekers and professional athletes drinking in barrooms, but it will soon spread to people secretly taping their bosses and co-workers to weirdos filming people at the beach or at the gym and immediately sharing them with, well, everyone.

5. Vine is the next step in the dumbing down of content.  It keeps getting shorter and shorter and shorter.  First blogs, then Facebook status updates, then Twitter.  YouTube already ushered in the era of short-form video and now we have micro-videos.  Soon all we’ll be able to do is grunt and signal each other with hand gestures.

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2 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Vine Will Destroy the World”

  1. To add an addendum….Could this be ushering in a new era of ads and air-time on TV? Think on how much revenue all of North America’s major networks stand to lose if clients suddenly starting only paying for 6-second ad spots rather than 30? Not to mention how production values would take a hit and many crews would also see lay offs. What about ad agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy (one of the best in the business) or TBWA? How would they affected?

    Privacy, as you said, will also definitely take a hit, particularly since the new 6 second format allows for just about anyone will a device to film you-literally everywhere.


  2. Hi Lilian:
    Not only is online going to video – but so is real life.

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