5 Reasons Why Vine Will Save the Earth

Vines are some of the most beautiful plants in the world.

Vines are some of the most beautiful plants in the world.

Have you heard the great news about Vine yet?

Vine is the spear tip of what’s next in social media and content – micro-videos.  Six seconds of video that can be instantly embedded and shared on social channels (most notably Twitter.

Here are five reasons why Vine is the greatest thing ever.

1. Vine will change the way we news is disseminated .  You think instant photos of news events – hurricanes, protests and plane crashes was amazing.  Now we will be able to witness breaking news as it happens – in near real-time.  News will get that much more intimate – and instantaneous.

2. Vine will add a creative jolt to marketing.  The possibilities for incorporating micro-videos into marketing and communications campaigns are only limited by imagination.  Think about quick hit instructional videos for technology companies.  Think about the tapestries of movement that can come from collaboration from hundreds, even thousands of video cameras.  Think about how brands can humanize themselves.  Think about how brands can personalize and customize content.  Vine opens up brand new pathways for interaction and engagement.

3. Vine may make photographs obsolete or at least the poor cousin in the imagery category.  It will take time, but it is already happening.  Why take a photograph of your plate of food at a restaurant when you can make a six second video of the plate and you eating it?  Why take a photograph of the beach when you can capture people diving into the waves?

4. Inside access.  Vine will allow brands and celebrities to bring people behind the scenes like never before.

5. Live events will get a HUGE boost on social networks.  Vine will bring events to life in new ways as sporting events, press conferences, product launches, trade shows and awards shows add a whole new dimension to broadcasting.  Think about watching a mosaic of Vine videos from dozens or even hundreds of angles.  The possibilities are amazing.

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2 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Vine Will Save the Earth”

  1. Even though your companion piece was hilarious, I’m glad you made the case for its best uses as well. I saw one the other day I thought had a lot of potential. A soccer team had used it as a teaser to tune in to a longer post-game interview with a player. If well done and edited well, it could be a great call to action.

  2. Hi Chris:
    There’s always a mixed bag with new technologies – pros and cons. I’ve been playing a lot with Vine and it is delightfully fun to use. The platform is very free form and enables you to experiment and be really creative. I see a big upside for Vine – although I’m still concerned about attention spans and privacy…

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