“The Best Personalized Newspaper in the World”


That’s a quote by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg describing Facebook’s newly redesigned News Feed.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Facebook wants to be a newspaper while its busy putting real newspapers out of business.

Oh, the irony.

Facebook’s business model is about selling ads around content.  But Facebook doesn’t create any content.  It’s users do by uploading photographs, writing status updates and linking to interesting blog posts, videos and news articles from around the web.  So Facebook gets revenue every time you link to a story on the New York Times, Boston Globe or Los Angeles Times.  Unfortunately, the newspapers and magazines don’t get a dime.

Neither does any other creator whose content ends up on Facebook.

Now, no doubt, Facebook users aren’t going there just for links to news stories.  They are primarily looking for information and updates from friends and families: where they are, what they are doing and what interests them.

So what Zuckerberg really meant when he compared Facebook to a newspaper was that our personal News Feeds on Facebook would now resemble a newspaper.

Your life as the Daily Tribune Telegram & Gazette.

But can you imagine what the reaction would have been back in 2004 when Zuckerberg first launched Facebook if he had described it to users and interested investors as a personalized newspaper?

Methinks there would have been chuckles.

Looks like everything old is new again.  Including newspapers and Facebook.


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3 Responses to ““The Best Personalized Newspaper in the World””



  3. I am not concerned about the NEWS being published by authenticated media on Facebook ( which you mentioned above), but what concerns me is people easily trusting the unauthenticated posts or shares(which too acting as NEWS) which emotionally motivate thus causing communal violence and intolerance in people. Even sometimes I feel that even authenticated media are trying to sensationalize the issues (by the phrase they use to convey the NEWS) to increase their popularity in social media.

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