How to be a Paperboy

Bad delivery is better than no delivery at all.

Bad delivery is better than no delivery at all.

Remember the neighborhood paperboy?

Every morning (or afternoon) he mounted his bicycle with his trusty his canvass shoulder bag and hand delivered the daily newspaper to dozens, even of hundreds of households.

Personalized, customized delivery to meet the needs of the clients.

That used to be the way content was delivered. But make no mistake about it: Paperboys were crucial for newspapers. Because no matter how cutting-edge or Pulitzer-Prize worthy the journalism inside the pages of a newspaper, it did customers little good if they couldn’t get it.

Distribution is even more important in the digital world. That’s because content isn’t confined to newspapers, magazines and television. Content is everywhere. It’s online. It’s on our phones. It’s on our tablets. It’s in our email.

There are too many choices. So many sources and so many ways to consume it. We can read news in tweets, Facebook status updates, in video, in infographics, in blogs and, yes, even in printed newspapers. And there are literally thousands of different sources – from traditional media to new media to our next door neighbors.

It’s nearly impossible for any of us to consume it all. We all need to make hard decisions about what content to consume.

And that’s why it’s important for content creators – be they brands or media companies – to have smart distribution plans. How is your content going to get in front of your target audiences?

As you can see, syndication (or call it distribution) comes in many guises.

The best way to get content noticed is to create really compelling content that provides insight and value – or entertains. But once that is done, a strong distribution strategy gives your content a better chance of getting noticed and making an impact.


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