Let’s Count the Ways You’re Screwing Up Social Media


Because the ways are many and varied.

If you needed any evidence that brands are doing social media all wrong then look no further than a recent survey sponsored by Ragan’s PR Daily and several partners.

The statistics are jaw-dropping:

  • Only 27 percent of brands have a dedicated social media team
  • Sixty-five percent of brands have delegated social media responsibilities to existing staff
  • Forty-two percent have one person – one! – dedicated to social media
  • Forty-seven percent of brands have hired a person with 1-3 years of experience to handle their social media

So is it any wonder that only 5 percent of brands are “highly satisfied” with their social media programs?  Of course not.  Basically most brands have hired a recent college graduate to be the point person for all of their social media programs.

Would you do that for marketing?  Or communications?  Heck would you do that for any other department?

The answer is, of course, no.

Brands need senior leadership for social media – which is quickly morphing into the primary channels for content marketing.  Social, digital and content need strategy.  They need ideas, direction, organization and structure.  There is no way junior person can accomplish all of that – they simply aren’t qualified to do so.

I would argue that social media will soon be driving advertising, marketing and communications.  That’s where the industry is moving rapidly.  Smart companies are creating teams to do this.  They are hiring senior leadership, platform experts, community managers and content creators to build strong internal teams that can be augmented by smart partnerships with outside consultants.

Are you a company investing in social and digital communications?  Or are you a company doing social and digital communications by strategically hiring interns to do it for you?

The choice is yours.


An Inside Look at Companies Social Media Teams via Raglan

3 Responses to “Let’s Count the Ways You’re Screwing Up Social Media”

  1. dude your blog is the shit, I love your topics, maybe you can check out mine sometime. just tryin to shine a light on some bullshit things our society has

  2. Well said, George. I would also add that the senior manager would be the one who knows the brand inside and out and acts as its keeper/protector. I once had a boss who hired his college sophomore son to “do” social media. He knew nothing about the brand, never attended meetings or events, and was only available when he wasn’t in class, studying for an exam, out parting with his friends, sleeping or hungover.

  3. Hi Pat:
    All I can say to that story is: Wow.

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