Going Live!


Original stories.

Authentic and visually stunning.

Live video broadcasting.

Immediate and interactive.

Kick-ass targeted distribution.

With consumers and media partners.

What more could a brand want? Those are the three crucial elements that are baked right into Weber Shandwick’s GoLive, our smart new offering that infuses the real-time environment of digital and social media with broadcast-quality live programming. I can’t help but be proud of this offering – launched today – because it started in Boston and I was part of the creative team that put it together.

You can see the amazing results we’ve had with several of our most innovative clients, including Ocean Spray, Verizon Wireless, edX and Life is good – by clicking the link above (and below). Their help and input, of course, brought GoLive to, well, life.

This is a new age of communications and the days of press releases and press conferences are no longer cutting it. People – not only consumers, but business partners and employees, are demanding more than just static messaging. They want impact. They want their information to be fresh and immediate. They want to interact with it – and to be able to share it.

Brands have the ability to create shows. Live shows! That are fun, engaging and entertaining. They can broadcast thought leadership panels, create their own cooking shows, put a new spin on a keynote address or launch products and services in a dynamic new way.

That’s what GoLive is at its essence.

It brings broadcast-quality live broadcasting to any digital environment – to Facebook, to a website, to a blog, even to a tweet or to all of the above. The content can be live and interactive. And with a smart distribution plan that includes the right mix of paid, earned and owned – the GoLive gets seen by the right people and influencers.

And if they don’t see it live – they can always watch it afterwards because it gets archived on your digital properties.

It’s the gift that keeps giving.

I’d love to get your thoughts and/or questions about GoLive.

(Disclosure: I work for Weber Shandwick and helped create the GoLive offering.)


The GoLive Announcement at Weber Shandwick

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