Platforms Don’t Really Matter


Is Instagram going to kill Vine?

Is Twitter catching up to Facebook?

Is Facebook blowing it?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. As a brand, you shouldn’t get obsessed about one social platform over another.

What you should care about is telling stories.

Publishing them on the channels you’re using and interact with the folks using them. Brands should be using multiple channels and watching the landscape to see what’s new and what works within the storytelling framework of your marketing and communications.

But it is less about platforms and more about creating quality content.

Every brand should be using multiple platforms. But at the end of the day, social networks are channels. A place to broadcast your content and engage with audiences.

Here’s how you should think about platforms (i.e. social channels):

  • Where are my key audiences? What channels are they using? This is constantly evolving so it is important to review your channels regularly to see if you are engaging on the right ones or if you need to add others. You should also consider shutting down any channels that aren’t working.
  • You need to optimize your content for the channels. The best way to broadcast/publish content on Twitter is different from the way you would do it on YouTube. Make sure that you have platform experts that understand the channel environments to make sure you know how to distribute the content in the more effective manner.
  • Understand how to measure and track the right metrics and analytics for each channel. They all have different ways to measure success. Learn them and then learn how to optimize them.

But worrying incessantly about which platform is winning or which is losing is just insider baseball stuff. The important thing is the content and distributing it effectively on the right channels.


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One Response to “Platforms Don’t Really Matter”

  1. “What you should care about is telling stories.” My sentiments exactly! Thoughtful and truthful post.

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