Be the News

BdaNuzStop pitching news stories to the media.


Instead break your own news. Tell your own story. Take your own photographs. Create your own graphics. Produce your own video. Research your own study.

Why give all the good stuff to the media?

Especially now. You have your own publishing channels. You have a website – and a newsroom on that website. Don’t use it to archive press releases. Make it into a digital newsroom – a multimedia storytelling platform.

And when you tell the stories that you want your customers, employees, prospects and influencers to see, read, and watch then share them on your other channels:

  • Your email lists
  • Your Facebook fans
  • Your blog readers
  • Your Twitter followers
  • Your Pinterest followers
  • Your YouTube viewers
  • Your newsletter subscribers
  • Your Instagram followers

You get the picture.

Then set up a paid, but highly targeted distribution plan for those who don’t follow you – yet. Get more followers with paid distribution on Facebook, Twitter and with services like Outbrain and Viral Gains.

You’re the experts in your industry. You are the thought leaders. You should be setting the agenda. You should be driving the conversation.

You do that by being the news – and distributing it.

Become a media company.

Because when you’re the news?

That’s when customers, influencers and, yes, the media start paying attention to you. That’s when they’ll write about you. That’s when they share the news that you’re already publishing.

Be the news.


Weber Shandwick’s Mediaco offering

Marketing is the New Journalism

2 Responses to “Be the News”

  1. Can’t disagree with your theory. I’ve seen it. Write three graphs about your great company/product, then post it here, there and everywhere. Would-be customers will eventually trip over the message. No longer are newspapers (or trade journals) the lone messengers.

  2. Hi Mike:
    Pretty soon I’ll be writing copy for the T&G again!

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