The Online Plague of Profanity is Everywhere


There’s too much profanity online.

This observation comes from a person who is known to swear in person more often than he should. However, one thing I don’t do, is use profanity online or on my social channels. In my opinion profanity is a cop-out. It’s lazy when you can’t think of a more expressive or articulate word to deliver meaning to your readers.

But I’m in the minority here. From bloggers to tweets to Facebook posts. Profanity is everywhere.

Call me a fuddy-duddy, but do you really need a non-profit called F*** Cancer? (that has almost 35,000 followers on Twitter). The video on its website opens with:

“Yeah, we know, our name is really cool.”

No, it isn’t. Your name is juvenile and profane.

There’s a whole series of social media videos titled “S*** BLANK Says.” It ranges from Single Girls to Nobody. They all have Twitter and Facebook pages and the videos have been watched tens of millions of times. It’s a bona-fide meme.

Heck, one of the most popular Twitter accounts of all time at one point was “S*** My Dad Says.” It still has more than three million followers.

And you can’t read many bloggers without running into an avalanche of profanity.

Don’t even get me started about the comment trolls…

Profanity erodes discourse. It’s rude. It’s shallow and unimaginative.

But apparently it is here to stay.

What do you think about profanity online and on social channels? Do you use profanity online? Is it no big deal? Has profanity been completely accepted into the mainstream?

Tell me what you think.


Is Profanity Online Really Necessary?

F*** Cancer website

S*** My Dad Says Twitter account

3 Responses to “The Online Plague of Profanity is Everywhere”

  1. i think profanity is not accepted in the mainstream. And is not something that should be use online. We should find way to get ride of it before it is late

  2. Kim Willay-Jenkins November 13, 2013 at 2:36 am

    I think we can use replacement words.

    Hogwash. Gargoyle.

    That is a steaming load of hogwash! See, expressive and clean.

    That really rustles my jimmies! See, you know I am upset.

    You can just play with my gargoyle! I think you know what that means.

    Cursing is not necessary at all.

    Love your blog!

    The rest of everything is hogwash and a bunch of jimmy rustlers who can all play with my gargoyle if they don’t like it!

  3. Hi Kim:
    By golly gosh! I think you’ve hit on a great pig belly of an idea!

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