Facebook is Broken, Editorial Standards Can Fix It


Why do people “like” Facebook?

Simple: It’s the content.

I use it to find content I like: articles, cartoons, and videos. All recommended by friends. I use it to debate, quip, and joke with friends. I used it to see what friends, co-workers and neighbors are doing.

I use it to circulate my own content. I use it to ask advice and solicit recommendations (from everything to good books to restaurants).

Why do people “dislike” Facebook?

The advertisements. The brand intrusions. The feeling that Facebook cares more about mining my privacy than it does on giving me a good user experience.

I can’t help with the latter (However, Facebook could use the excellent services of my employer Weber Shandwick to help elevate its reputation). But I do have some suggestions on advertisements and brand intrusions.

Here’s the big one:

Ban All Advertising

People hate advertising. Hate it. The only time they like it is during the Super Bowl.


Because the ads during the Super Bowl are really well done stories. They are funny, silly and creative. It’s the only time the advertising industry seems to get what consumers really want. They want to be entertained and informed. They don’t want to be overtly sold or marketed to.

They especially don’t want that on Facebook.

So get rid of the ads. Facebook should be in the business of circulating good brand content, not advertisements. Brands should continue to pay to have their content distributed to their fans and to wider targeted audiences. But first the content should conform to strict editorial standards.

That’s why Facebook needs an editorial board.

If brand content is “advertising” or doesn’t meet editorial guidelines – it is rejected and can’t be widely distributed (the exception being on its own Facebook page). The first filter should always be if the brand content is worthy of the audience. It should never be that a brand is willing to pay to distribute the content.

Editorial standards will make Facebook better. It will make brand content better.


New Study Says Facebook Will Lose 80% of Users (via TIME)

Facebook is Dead and Buried to Teens (via Forbes)

2 Responses to “Facebook is Broken, Editorial Standards Can Fix It”

  1. Snoring Dog Studio January 24, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Well, that’s not why I hate Facebook. I don’t even notice the ads. I hate FB because of its relentless push into my private life and the haranguing I get from them when I don’t post often enough. I hate their stupid advice on how to promote my brand. I really loathe FB and as soon as I retire from work, where I have to manage a FB page, I will dump FB on its butt.

  2. That sounds like the name of a punk band “Dump Facebook on Its Butt.” I’d grab that domain name!

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