Facebook is Kinda Sorta Old


Facebook recently turned 10 years old. The most startling statistic about Facebook  out of that milestone was this one:

The average age of an American Facebook user is 41.

Try to wrap your head around that for a moment.

Facebook started out as a network for college students back in 2004. For its first two years, it was the exclusive playground of college students. Not until 2006 was the network opened to the general public.

So do the math.

Facebook started out as a network for 18-22 year olds in the United States. The average ago of users at the beginning was 20. Now 10 years later – really eight years later – it’s 41. The age more than doubled.

The average age went up 21 years in eight years.

That’s amazing.

While teens haven’t completely abandoned Facebook, Pew Research found evidence of teens losing interest in the platform.

One can see why.

Facebook is started to look more than a PTO meeting than the coolest place online.


Facebook at 10 (via CNN)

Teens Haven’t Abandoned Facebook (Yet) (via Pew Research)

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