Why Brands Are Starting to Hate Facebook


Yes, I get it. Facebook is HUGE.

It’s THE social network. Nothing else comes close.

Yet it seems like they are clueless when it comes to working with brands. With understanding how marketing actually works within large enterprises (the tension for example between communications/PR and advertising). Facebook also seems perplexed about what marketers really want to be able to do with their Facebook communities.

It’s unfortunate because it started out so great. Facebook gave brands free range to build interactive communities on its platform.

Come on in!

Use our stuff!

Let us help you!

Brands grew their Facebook communities to hundreds of thousands, even millions.

Brands created awesome content (and admittedly some not so great content). But brands were learning and moving forward. They were experimenting with new ways to deliver content. New ways to engage with fans. They tried product giveaways and sampling right on Facebook. Some brands even launched new products from the platform.

Remember all the talk about Facebook Stores? Direct selling right from a Facebook!

That’s all ancient history now.

Facebook is now a gated community. Exclusive and expensive. All those fan communities brands grew? Well, they now have to pay to talk to them. And not any real  strategic or smart way. Facebook makes you pay as you go. Because, you know, that’s how annual marketing budgets work…


Posting content on Facebook now reaches a small fragment of brand fans. So small that brands should begin to wonder if it is worth posting anything that doesn’t include paid distribution. The organic reach is limited. Very limited.

And remember applications (i.e. Tabs)? They have become secondary. They are difficult to find and they don’t appear on News Feeds. Again Facebook pushed them as the way to go and now has abandoned them.

I get it. Facebook doesn’t want News Feeds clogged with advertising and marketing.

So penalize for that type of content. Create editorial standards. No overt advertising. Just quality content. Allow that type of brand content  to thrive because people enjoy it and want it.

Facebook needs a plan for brands. A real plan.

The question is will they get one before brands give up on the platform.

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