Hey, Brands, Stop Talking About How Great You Are


Let me tell you about an energy company I know called EnergyX.

They are a real company, but EnergyX isn’t their real name. You’ll see why so enough. They are a public company with about $400 million in revenue. They employee 800 employees and have technology products that can only be described as cool.

It’s why I keep up with their news.

But it’s a struggle.


Because they are one of the dullest companies I’ve ever seen. EnergyX’s content is terrible. The presentation of their content is terrible. Their social media is terrible.

Go to its website and you’re greeted with a big feature banner. It reads “EnergyX Expands European Footprint: Acquires Leading Demand Response Providers in Country Y and Country Z. Read the press releases!” I’m serious – in the age of interactive media, EnergyX wants you to read a press release.

Unfortunately, when you click to do so you aren’t even taken to the relevant press releases. You go to their press release page and are served up ALL of EnergyX’s press releases – in the order they were published by date. EnergyX makes me – the reader – try to figure out which press releases are the right ones (the correct press releases are seventh and eighth ones on the page).

Likely no one does this. Why in the heck would they? All that work to read two poorly written, cliche riddled press releases that describe EnergyX as “a leading company in blah, blah, blah” in the first sentence.

No thanks.

EnergyX likes to talk about itself. A lot. And it thinks because they are interested in EnergyX that everyone else is, too. They are wrong. Rote news about acquisitions, new customers and product upgrades aren’t interesting. Few people get excited about a news release with a headline like: “EnergyX Announces Investment in Software Company: Adds Licensing Rights for Key Energy Intelligence Software Functionality.”


What’s maddening is that energy is hot right now. It’s a booming industry with lots of innovation. Think of the topics! Climate change. Global warming. Energy prices. Fossil fuels. Rising gas prices. Home heating. Alternative energy sources. Solar. Nuclear. Wind. There is a ton of news, trends, and content about energy and EnergyX is stuck talking about itself like that boring guy at a cocktail party who keeps droning on about how interesting he is.

EnergyX needs a digital content strategy. They need to learn how to be storytellers – multimedia, interactive storytellers. Forget the press releases. Launch a content hub. Write about issues. Write about trends. Write about the problems its customers face. Excite people. Move them. Compel them to act. Get them emotional. Get them caring. Tell real stories with real people and voices. Make it visual! Photos and videos. Make it engaging and gripping.

Stop being boring. Stop taking about yourself.

Don’t be EnergyX.

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