Thank You, But Hightalk now Closed

No, thank you!

No, thank you!

As you can probably tell… Hightalk has been an abandoned house for months now. The pipes rattle at night. The old newspapers are piling up on the porch. No one has mowed the lawn.

I resisted formally shuttering the place because I thought the spark that kept me blogging here for more than six years would return and I’d come blazing back. New paint. Some wallpaper. Maybe put in a new kitchen.

Didn’t happen.

I’ve always believed that blogging was a temporary activity for solo practitioners. Being your own writer, editor, proofreader, publisher and social media distributor is hard work. Long hours. Thankless. Really, who can keep up with the spammers?

But I always managed to balance blogging with my real job and family commitments through sheer will and passion.

But my tastes and interests have changed. So has my time – or lack there of.

So it is time. I’m putting plywood in the windows. The doors are being bolted. Hightalk comes to formal and long overdue end.

Thanks to all my readers: colleagues, friends, clients, prospectives, partners and even family. I’ve appreciated all of feedback, interaction and engagement.


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