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Platforms Don’t Really Matter

Is Instagram going to kill Vine? Is Twitter catching up to Facebook? Is Facebook blowing it? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. As a brand, you shouldn’t get obsessed about one social platform over another. What you should care about is telling stories. Publishing them on the channels you’re using and […]

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The Simultaneous Rise & Fall of Content

“We are no longer in the media sales business; we are now in the enterprise technology sales business. My role model is no longer Yahoo’s or AOL’s sales organizations from 2004. It’s Oracle’s.” – Meredith Levien, CRO at Forbes —– In the Age of Content – it is getting harder to sell it. Because we […]

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The Greatest Most Accurate Predictions about Social Media Ever Made

Bank on these predictions coming true in 2013.  Guaranteed. (Or your money back.) Facebook can’t monetize and decides to shut down operations Every gray-haired CMO says, “I told you so” Zuckerberg announces new social network called Stalkbook for guys to share photos of girlfriends in bikinis All the cows die in Farmville Twitter increases character […]

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