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How I Would Run a Modern Digital News Room

Take a moment to gaze upon the screenshot above of Boston.com’s homepage. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see. Chaos. There are literally dozens of places to click (I lost count at 50). It is a headache-inducing jumble – a crushed mash – of information, advertising, news, sponsored content and micro-imagery. I […]

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Be the News

Stop pitching news stories to the media. Seriously. Instead break your own news. Tell your own story. Take your own photographs. Create your own graphics. Produce your own video. Research your own study. Why give all the good stuff to the media? Especially now. You have your own publishing channels. You have a website – […]

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Give Your Corporate News Room a Jolt

Most companies are guilty of having terrible news rooms on their web sites.  They are clunky, poorly maintained, impersonal and, worst of all, impossible to navigate. For example, why do most companies archive news releases in chronological order by year?  Mind you: these are news releases that companies have paid thousands of dollars to have written and distributed.  […]

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